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  • What is a General Contractor?
    A general contractor oversees all onsite aspects of a construction project. Whether the general contractor personally do your project, work with employees or subcontractors, this would be the person you call about everything. A good General Contractor needs to know enough about everyone's job on a construction site to estimate and supervise the work going on. He will also handle the organizational aspects of the project that keep things running smoothly.
  • How do I keep my project on budget?
    The key for a successful project is solid initial plan, combine projects if necessary, having a great communication with your contractor, and budget for unexpected problems. Renovations come hand to hand with some impredictable situations. When the work starts, we might find conceled damage that bring extra expenses. We recommend setting aside 15% of your total budget for unwelcome surprises.
  • Can You Help Me With The Design?
    We are able to design your project with the help of our 3D modeling software. If a major structural change is involved, other professionals have to been involved to avoid safety problems.
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